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Other e-Commerce Options and Product Types
When we create or edit a product we have the option to select a discount rule if any
applies to the product.
Other e-Commerce Options and Product
There are some other e-Commerce options that we can use to provide a better selling
experience to our customers, as well as some different product types. Let's have a
look at those now:
Auction products
Donate products
These three modules are included with the e-Commerce Modules and just need to be
installed in the usual way.
If we want to, we can create products that act as auctions. There is only one setting
related to auctions within the E-Commerce configuration , and that is the Default
Auction Length . This setting is the number of days in the future that the expiry date
will default too. Let's just try it with one day to see how the auction products work.
We also have the new product type when creating a new product; let's create a
new auction.
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