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The only difference in the product's fields from the other product types is that there
is the expiration date; the default date is one day ahead of the current day, as we
observed in the default auction length setting. We can of course change this date as
per our wish.
When setting the price on the auction product, we enter the minimum amount we
would like for the product, as it acts as the initial starting bid.
When viewing the product we have just created, we can see where the current bidder
is, who the high bidder is, and view the bidding history as illustrated below:
If we click the Place Bid button we are prompted to enter our bid (which is above the
current high bid) and then to Confirm bid .
The Donation product acts like the other basic products except it is for neither a
product nor a service and is classed as a financial contribution.
There are other third-party modules available that offer more features such as
donation tracking.
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