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The lexicharge module allows us to create custom charges or discounts for particular
conditions on an order. The charges are configured from the Flexicharge section of
E-Commerce configuration . This page lists the Currently configured charges and
the option to Add a new charge .
There are two types of lexicharge that we can create:
Site-wide charge
Simple shipping charge
We will look into simple shipping charges in detail in Chapter 9— Taxes, Payments,
and Shipping . So, what does the Site-wide charge allow us to do and when is
it useful? It allows custom charges to be added to orders, and can be useful in
situations such as adding a payment processing charge or adding charges because a
user is in a particular role.
When creating a site-wide charge we can set the following settings:
Display label—This is the name or label for the charge.
Fixed amount added or subtracted from the cost
A percentage of the subtotal
A percentage of the total items
Charge rate—This is the amount or percentage of the charge.
Calculation order—This is the order in which this calculation is performed. It
is useful when we have multiple charges applied to the same order.
Options to:
Display a subtotal before the charge
Display a subtotal after the charge
Display the amount as included in the cost but not added to
the subtotal
Ignore it if the charge is zero
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