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Product types—This charge applies to all the listed products.
Roles—This applies to all the user roles that have the charge applied to
their orders.
An example for these charges would be to add PayPal fees to an order; one charge
would add the fixed charge to an order, and the other charge would add the
percentage charge (since PayPal adds a fixed charge then adds a percentage charge)
to an order.
In some countries adding PayPal charges violates their agreement. In
the UK it is only permissible to add the charge to UK customers as long
as you are telling them you are doing so. In the US and Canada this is a
violation of their agreement—so don't use it in those countries!
In this chapter, we looked into improving our customers' experience by creating a
better selling environment for our customers. In particular we:
Added search facilities
Set up our store to automatically create user accounts when a guest made
a purchase
Looked into the different ways to include images and files in our
product listing
Learned how to provide discounts based on:
User's role
Number of purchases made
Investigated other product types including:
Auction products
Looked into lexicharges and their uses.
In the next chapter we will look into Payments, Shipping, and Taxes in greater detail,
making it easier to take payments, and opening our site to more users, as well as
integrating with a number of postal services.
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