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Chapter 9: Taxes, Payment, and Shipping
Taxes, Payment, and
Our Drupal e-Commerce installation now sports a nice new theme, a product
catalog, an improved selling experience for our customers, and a way for us to
take orders. Let's now build upon this ability to take orders by looking into how
Drupal e-Commerce handles taxes, payments, and shipping. Doug is very keen to
look into this so he can take payments automatically and speedup the processing of
online orders.
In this chapter, you will learn:
How to work with taxes in Drupal e-Commerce
How the electronic payment system works
How to set up electronic payments
How to use Drupal e-Commerce's shipping API modules
Drupal e-Commerce has a very flexible Tax API that can be used to define a number
of different tax rules based on a number of different conditions including:
State or province or region
Product type
Each product type that is available to our store
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