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Tax Rules
Before we can set up any tax rules, we first need to enable the Tax API module; this
is done within the Modules section under Site Building from the Administer menu.
Under the E-Commerce Uncategorized section we have the Tax API module; let's
check the appropriate check box and click the Save configuration button to install
the module.
With the module installed we now have a new option under the E-Commerce
configuration menu called Taxes .
If we go into this section we are taken to a page that lists the created tax rules
(we don't have any yet) and also has a link to Add tax . Before we create some tax
rules, let's think about the rules we might require.
Tax Rules
Doug's Dinos is a UK-based business so he needs to comply with the UK tax laws;
however, his brother has just moved to the US and set up Doug's Dinos Inc, a small
retail store based in California; this store sells the same products as Doug's own
store in the UK and effectively acts as a US branch. They want to use the same
website to sell products online so they also need to comply with the US tax laws
wherever appropriate.
The tax rules here should be considered as a guide only, if you are unsure
of the tax law in your country or state you should contact a tax advisor.
Tax Rules: UK
As Doug's Dinos is a VAT-registered company he must charge Value Added Tax on
his products. All of Doug's products need to have VAT charged at the standard rate
of 17.5%. Drupal also has provisions for donations to be made to the business, so
depending on how these donations are used they may be classified as VAT exempt.
Unfortunately the tax rules within Drupal e-Commerce only allow rules
to be applied onto product types, and not groups of products. This could
be problematic if you offer products under both the standard and reduced
VAT rate; however, it should be easy to accomplish by modifying the Tax
API code. Most features from the Tax module can also be obtained using
the Flexicharge module we briefly looked at in the previous chapter.
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