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Tax Rules: California, USA
Rule: Add 17.5% to all orders excluding donations.
Tax Rules: California, USA
Doug's Dinos Inc needs to charge sales tax on all tangible goods but not on services
such as its model repair service.
Rule: Add 7.25% to all tangible goods.
Tax Rules: Orders Placed Elsewhere
Tax for orders from other states and countries depend on a number of factors
including the country or state fulfilling the order and the country or state of the
customer. Doug will need to obtain professional tax advice to determine how to deal
with these situations.
Creating the Tax Rules
If we click the Add tax link in the Taxes section we are prompted to select a Type of
Location to define the new tax rule for . Let's start with the UK tax rule, and select
Country from the drop-down list:
Then we need to click the Next button. We are now taken to a page with the final
configuration options including:
Country (a drop-down list of countries)
Adjustment (the adjustment to be performed to the item's cost)
Product type (the type of products to which the adjustment should apply)
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