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Once we have clicked the Next button we are again taken to the page with the tax
options on it. The only difference to this from the previous tax rules we created is
that we don't have a drop-down list for the states; we instead have a text box. This is
quite a handy text box as it uses a collection of web technologies called AJAX to look
up states that start with the text we type into the box. If we type C into the box, it will
list all states beginning with C allowing us to easily find the one we want:
Once we select the state we want from the list, it then populates the text box with the
abbreviated version of the state's name, in this case CA.
Next we need to enter 7.25% as the Adjustment and then select the Product types we
wish to apply the rule to and then click the Submit button.
The Taxes page lists these rules that we have created along with the options to delete
or edit the rule.
Further Options
The list of countries, regions, and states used by Drupal e-Commerce can be
modified from the Regions section of the E-Commerce configuration menu. Within
here we could create a group of states or locations, which is particularly useful if we
need to apply the same tax rule to a large group of states.
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