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Payment Gateways Available
Payment Gateways Available
There are eight different payment gateway modules available with Drupal
e-Commerce; more of course can be added by downloading additional modules
if they are available or by writing new modules.
Bank Integration Kits
Many banks have their own gateway methods that can be used,
sometimes only for their cards, other times for any cards. Banks that offer
these gateways generally provide integration kits to explain how
to use their API and how to integrate the payment solution with your
own website.
The gateways available are:
Let's have a brief look at each of these:
The values for each of the payment gateways can be changed, you should
consult the gateway provider for exact, and up-to-date information
regarding the values required.
Authorize.Net's services are sold via a number of resellers and as such their costs
vary depending on the reseller used. In order to utilize Authorize.Net, a special bank
account called a merchant account is required; these in themselves can incur set up
costs and per transaction costs, in addition to the set up costs and per transaction
costs of the payment gateway.
Some resellers of offer their services on a monthly charge as opposed
to charging set up fees and per transaction fees, whereas other resellers operate a per
transaction charge.
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