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A list of Authorize.Net resellers is available on its website: http://www.authorize.
net/solutions/merchantsolutions/resellerdirectory/ .
CCard is an Australian payment gateway; this gateway also requires a
merchant bank account to interact with and applications to sign up to this gateway
involve a paper-based application form, which can be downloaded from their
website: .
The fees for this gateway (in Australian Dollars) involve an annual $300 charge and a
$0.20 charge per transaction. There is no minimum term to its service apart from a 30
day notice to disconnect from the service.
The COD payment gateway is the gateway we installed earlier in order to test the
checkout process. This gateway is useful (as we discussed earlier) for items where
you do require cash on delivery, or where the customer is posting a cheque to you
before their order is shipped, alternatively it could also be used for in-store collection
or telephone-based credit card orders (although for these you would need a payment
gateway with the capability of entering credit card details manually yourself, such as
PayPal's virtual terminal service).
Eurobill can only be used to accept payment for digital content such as downloads
or software, and is not permitted by law to be used for the processing of transactions
that involve physical goods or products. Eurobill charges 14% of each credit card
transaction and 10% for direct debit transactions. There are no setup fees, no monthly
fees, and no set charges (only the variable charges) per transaction. More information
on Eurobill can be found on its website: .
eWAY is another Australian-based payment gateway and is only available to
Australian businesses. It has two pricing plans; eBusiness Saver and eBusiness
Standard, both have the same set up costs of $599 Australian dollars, annual costs
are $199 and $285 respectively, including the first year, and per transaction charges
of $0.50. The only difference other than price between these two plans is that the
eBusiness Saver plan requires you to include its logo and a hyperlink to its website
on your website. A merchant account is required with your bank to use eWAY which
incurs further set up costs and per transaction costs. More information on eWAY can
be found on its website: .
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