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Payment Gateway in Action
The remaining settings are PayPal's IPN "request back" URL (which we don't need
to change), the currency code, debug settings, and minimum purchase amount:
Doug wants to leave the Currency code as USD as he is hoping most online orders
will be from US customers. He also wants to enable the debug options for IPN
just to make sure everything works as it should. For the final setting, he wants the
Minimum purchase amount to be reduced from five to one; this way any transaction
that could entirely be consumed by PayPal fees cannot be purchased using PayPal,
but also allows lower value products to be purchased using PayPal which is a
convenience for customers.
Payment Gateway in Action
Now if we go and place an order, we have the option to choose the payment
gateway. At the moment, we have the options of COD or PayPal . Let's choose
PayPal and see how it links into our store:
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