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A Quick Look Back at Tax
On the following page, which asks us to review the order, it confirms the payment
method we wish to use and includes a link to change the method.
A Quick Look Back at Tax
Earlier in the chapter we set up various tax rules. We can now see the tax rules in
action on the Order Summary page:
Place the Order
If we now click on the Place your order button we will be taken to the PayPal
website to pay for our orders.
If we cancel the payment, we will be taken to the cancel page we created earlier, and
if we make the payment we will be taken to our order history page.
Settings for Other Gateways
Here we have focused on PayPal, so let's have a very brief look at the settings for
using the other payment gateways.
The module has the following settings:
Explanation or submission guides—This is a note displayed above the page
where the customer enters their credit card details; this is used by default to
warn customers about submitting the form twice, and how it can result in
being charged twice.
Login ID—This is our login ID with
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