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Shipping API
These APIs are used to calculate shipping costs, as they communicate with the
appropriate companies to determine the cost.
To use the Australia Post module we need to enter our Post code , Turn Around
Time , and the Domestic Registered Post Cost . CanadaPost requires a Merchant
ID, which is obtained free when registering at:
business/intsol/sb/ventureone/default-e.asp?source=web as well as a Potal
Code and Turn Around Time .
UPS requires us to register and obtain an API key, and USPS requires us to
register too. To register for a UPS account we need to go to:
com/servlet/registration?floc=en_US , and then to this website to obtain a
developer API key:
Once we have set up the APIs we need to set which shipping methods we want to
use with which product type; we do this by clicking the Products link next to APIs .
Next we select the type of products for which we want to enable the shipping APIs.
This then lists all of the different shipping methods available; we can select the ones
we want to enable for that particular product type.
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