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Flexicharge is a simpler method of adding charges to orders, instead of linking in
with shipping providers; it allows us to create simple rules that add charges to the
order, similar to how the tax system works, although it supports more options. Let's
take a look!
The Flexicharge settings are found under E-Commerce configuration , and on the
Flexicharge page any charges previously set up are listed and there is the option to
create a new charge, either a Site-wide charge (dependent on roles and products, and
which can be used to reduce costs depending on conditions) or a Simple shipping
charge. It is the Simple shipping charge we want, so let's create one of those.
The lexicharge page has a link called Unallocated locations along with options for:
Enabling or Disabling a charge
Base cost—A charge added to the item regardless of weight
Cost per lb—Used to calculate shipping cost
This allows us to specify a standard shipping cost as well as a variable cost
depending on the weight of the item, and of course we can enable or disable the
charge at the check of a box.
These charges can be applied to a specific geographical region; we can even create a
region and add countries or states to the region.
Doug wants to add a charge to a number of non-UK countries, so in order to create
a charge for this we need to create the region. To create the region we need to follow
the link to Shipping regions and configuration , which is in the same area as creating
a new lexicharge.
On the page to which we are taken to there is a link for Add region .
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