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We can now assign countries to the region by clicking the Configure link next to the
region. To assign a country to the region we click the radio button for Europe:
Non-UK for each country we wish to assign to this region.
Now if we return to the lexicharge area and select the region, we can create a charge
for those countries.
The charge above would add a cost of $5 to each purchase in that region and an
additional $1.20 for every pound of weight.
If creating this lexicharge results in an error, you may need to create a
charge for all regions (all are on the same screen) at the same time, using
0 as the values.
There is only one final thing to do in order for this charge to work fully, and that is
assign weight to the products.
Although there was a weight setting in the shipping modules earlier, if
we are using a lexicharge, we need to set a separate weight setting
(as lexicharge does not depend on having the shipping module installed,
it cannot rely on using the shipping module's weight settings for
each product).
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