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Chapter 10: Securing, Deploying, and Maintaining Your Shop
Securing, Deploying, and
Maintaining Your Shop
Our store is now fully working and can handle taxes, payment, and shipping; let's
now look at securing, deploying, and maintaining our store. If we are working on
our store on our own computer and not online, a few things could not work correctly
(such as the pingback requests from PayPal) so we will have to make a few changes.
In this chapter you will learn:
The importance of security
Drupal security
About Secure Socket Layers
Password and phishing security
Deploying your site
Handling orders (although we will look at it in more detail in
Chapter 11— Invoices and CRM )
Backing up and restoring your store
Importance of Security
We need to secure our store for a number of reasons including:
To protect our website
To protect our business
To protect our customers
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