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Chapter 1: Introduction and Installation
Introduction and Installation
Welcome to Drupal e-Commerce! During the course of this topic are going to
look at how to use a content management system in particular Drupal as well as
its e-Commerce module to set up and manage an online shop. We will install the
software, have a look at its features, plan our shop, create our shop, look at customer
management, create a design for our shop, and cover security, taxes, shipping, and
even marketing our business.
In this chapter, you will learn:
What a Content Management System is, and What's Drupal
What e-commerce is and what it can do for us
What Drupal e-Commerce is, and why it is better than a regular online
shopping cart system
How to install Drupal, perform some basic configurations, and install its
e-Commerce module
How Drupal and its e-Commerce module work
We will also take a look at the store we will create during the course of this topic,
Doug's Dinos.
What is a CMS and What is Drupal?
Content Management Systems are one of the common methods for creating and
managing content on the Internet and on intranets, particularly in environments
where there is more than one person working on the content, or where there is a lot
of content involved.
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