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The CAPTCHA— Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans
Apart module installs a Turing test to prevent automated "web bots", such as the
ones that automatically post spam messages onto forums, from submitting web
forms on the website.
There are two kinds of CAPTCHA tests, ones utilizing text and ones utilizing images;
a number of things need to be considered before using the image methods in the
module, as it raises accessibility issues. For more information on those, and for
alternative methods to the visual Turing test , have a look at the World Wide
Web Consortiums working group note on the subject—
TR/turingtest/ .
The module can be downloaded from the Drupal website:
project/captcha . Once it has been downloaded, we need to uncompress the file,
and put the captcha folder into the modules folder in our Drupal installation.
With the files in place, we now have a new group of modules called Spam control
in the Modules section of the Drupal administration area. Let's check the boxes to
install them!
We can now get to the CAPTCHA settings from Administer | User Management or
( http://localhost/drupal-5.7/admin/user/captcha ). The settings allow us to
add a CAPTCHA element to the various different forms including the contact form,
and registration forms and then set it if we want to challenge the user to prove they
are human.
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