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Email Verification
If we now log out, and try to register for an account we should be presented with the
Math CAPTCHA challenge.
If we enter the answer to the math question incorrectly we are presented with an
error message indicating that the question was not answered correctly.
Hopefully with these changes, Doug's Dinos will be protected from automated
spam robots; unfortunately though, spam can still get through if it is submitted by
a human, and of course spam bots are always evolving to try to beat the various
CAPTCHA systems. So it is worth keeping an eye on the CAPTCHA module to see if
it improves or changes.
Email Verification
This module performs additional checks on email addresses entered into the
registration form to ensure the address is valid. Firstly it checks to see if the domain
name within the email address is valid; then it contacts the SMTP server linked to the
email address and sends it a number of commands to try and determine if the server
acknowledges the existence of the email addresses. The module can be downloaded
from the Drupal website from .
There are no configuration options with this module, so once it is installed—that's it!
The legal module displays terms and conditions to users who want to register on
the website and will not accept their registration unless they agree to the terms.
Although this is not directly linked with security, terms and conditions can be used
to provide a disclaimer for content and to explain what is and is not allowed on the
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