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website or that anyone violating the terms and conditions may be reported to their
ISP. This may help legally when dealing with user-submitted content or disabling
user accounts.
You should seek legal advice regarding terms and conditions on websites
in order to get accurate information on their use and enforceability.
The module can be downloaded from the Drupal website—
project/legal . Once it is downloaded, decompressed, and uploaded into the
modules folder we have a new module to enable in the Modules section of Drupal's
administration area.
The settings for the Legal module can be found under the Site configuration section
of the Administer area.
The module provides us with the following settings:
Style of displaying the terms and conditions—How the terms are displayed
on a page.
The terms and conditions themselves.
Additional checkboxes—This would be useful if we were to enforce an age
limit, and could act as an option for confirming whether the user is over a
certain age.
Explain changes—When changes are made to the terms, we should add a line
explaining the changed areas for users who had signed up with the previous
terms and conditions, so that they can get an overview of the changes made
to those terms and conditions.
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