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We have secured our installation, let's deploy it and get it on the Web!
What do we need, and what do we need to do, to get our website online?
We need a web hosting account to store our shop.
We need a domain name, and a web address to point to the website.
We then need to upload our website to the hosting account .
Hosting and Domain Names
The Internet is saturated with web hosting companies and domain name registrars;
most hosting accounts come with a control panel making it easy to administer an
account (such as adding email addresses, changing passwords, etc.). Two of the
most common control panels are cPanel and Plesk; if you do get a hosting account
with cPanel (which is what the rest of this chapter assumes) you may find this topic
helpful: cPanel User Guide and Tutorial by Aric Pedersen ISBN 978-1-904811-92-3
published by Packt Publishing ( ).
There are quite a few criteria when looking for hosting accounts such as the level of
support offered, the amount of disk space provided, the amount of bandwidth (that's
the data transfer from your site to your users), minimum contract term, uptime
guaranteed, and of course the cost.
There are a number of popular hosting comparison and review websites around,
including .
Some popular web hosts include:
1&1 Internet Inc ( ( )
A Small Orange ( ( )
DreamHost ( )
Along with a host, you will also need a domain name e.g. www.dougsdinos.
com . There are a large number of domain registrars around too; prices are quite
competitive, and you should expect to pay less than USD$10 per year for a domain
name. Some popular registrars include:
Namecheap ( ( )
GoDaddy ( ( )
Once you have a domain name, you will need to point it to your hosting account by
updating its name servers with those provided by your host (contact your host for
more information).
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