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Uploading the Store
Then we click the Go button at the bottom of the page; the page may then take few
moments to process the data, but once it loads we have our new database set up with
all of the information from our local installation.
Large SQL File
Some web hosting control panels have restrictions on the size of file you
can upload, which can cause problems when importing a large database.
If the database file is large it can be exported in parts, for instance we
could create a file for a few tables. By importing these smaller files one at
a time, we can bypass this problem.
Uploading the Store
Since we have the database set up and ready on our web server, we now need to
upload the files from our local installation, otherwise we will just have a completely
blank website!
To upload the files we need to use an FTP program; personally I prefer
FileZilla—a free open-source lightweight FTP client (you can download it from ).
With our FTP client, we enter the server's username and password to connect to the
server, navigate to the public_html directory, and then transfer all of the Drupal
files there.
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