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Maintaining Our Website
Securing connections to your website is a very good idea; but you need to look into
the costs and the efforts involved, and then weigh that against the advantages. If you
are running a very popular store dealing with lots of sensitive data then it would
almost be essential to set this up.
One of the advantages of the payment gateways used to make online payments is
that they handle the card transactions, and they have secure websites, so at least that
information is processed securely outside of our site.
Maintaining Our Website
With our store now online we need to look at maintaining our website on a regular
basis, including making changes to the website and store, handling orders, and of
course backing up, and if needs be, restoring our website from a backup.
Performing Maintenance
Content on websites often needs to change regularly, as does the content of our
stores. Some changes, such as small content changes, can just be done there and
then with the website online, whereas other changes such as a reorganization of the
store or revamp of the product lineup would need the website to be taken ofline to
prevent customers purchasing products that are no longer being sold, or products
with an old price associated with them.
Drupal has a maintenance option, which can be used to essentially block the website
from the public, and display a message to visitors explaining that the website is
down for maintenance.
This maintenance option is found under Site maintenance within the Site
configuration section of Drupal's administration area.
There are two simple settings in this area:
Site status —This is used to set the status of the site i.e. Online or Off-line .
Site off-line message —This is a message which is displayed to visitors if the
website is in maintenance mode i.e. Off-line .
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