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Handling Orders
With this message we can easily make changes without worrying about customers
getting confused or accessing content or products that are being updated.
Logging back in
To log back in to your Drupal website when it is in maintenance mode
you need to go to the user page, so for Doug's Dinos we go to
page, so for Doug's Dinos we go to www. .
Handling Orders
If we go to the E-Commerce section in the Administer menu we have a small
information box with some basic statistics about orders in the system.
Each of the links in the box takes us to the list of orders with their status in the "order
workflow". Orders go through a workflow starting from when the order is placed
with pending payment, to payment made, to shipped, or cancelled. If we click the
Payments pending link we will see all orders that still require payment. If payment
is made manually, for example a cheque in the post, we would need to edit this
transaction manually to set the transaction as paid.
The edit link allows us to edit the Payment status , Username , E-mail address , and
the Transaction workflow status.
On the transaction's list shown above, we can directly edit the workflow by clicking
the status of the transaction's workflow; this presents us with a pop-out box with a
list of status.
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