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Backing Up and Restoring Your Store
Here we can print an invoice, set the order as shipped, ask the customer a question,
or cancel the transaction.
If we wish to ask the customer a question we are taken to an email screen where we
can compose an email to the customer asking them any questions we have regarding
their order.
If we check the Change Workflow box then the workflow status will be set to
awaiting customer response to remind us that we are waiting to hear back from the
customer before sending out their order.
Backing Up and Restoring Your Store
It is very important to take regular backups of our store; if something were to happen
to the website, the hosting account, or the web server our website is stored on, we
could loose all sorts of data, including orders that we still need to fulfil but that have
been paid, or information regarding payment on orders. This could cost the business
a lot of money.
How regularly we need to take backups depends on how often we make changes to
the website and how often we receive orders. Backups can of course be automated,
but that is a little more complicated and relies on having access to cron jobs on your
hosting account. Some hosting accounts include backups with several day retention
policies. This is something else to consider when looking for a hosting provider.
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