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Backing Up
Backing Up
cPanel provides an easy-to-use interface for backing up and restoring data. For more
information on backing up using other hosting control panels, you should contact
your host or the manufacturer of the control panel.
From the main page in cPanel there is a Backups link.
Within this section we have links to Download a home directory Backup as well as
links to download the backups of the various databases on the account.
The home directory contains all of the files and settings, including any emails, logs,
and statistics. The database will require more regular backups, however, as it is the
data that changes the most and this is where all orders and transactions are stored.
To restore a backup we need to go back into the Backups area of cPanel and on the
right-hand side of the page there are upload boxes for restoring the home directory
backup and for restoring the database.
Once the files have been uploaded using this form the contents will be used to
replace the existing home directory and the existing database.
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