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New Design Layout
Move the order date and transaction ID to the top of the page
Move the delivery and billing addresses to the bottom of the page
Before we make changes to the actual code that generates the invoice, let's first create
a new style, and then make the appropriate changes. The reason we should do this
is that since the invoice is generated on-the-fly from a function in the code (and not a
template, which is easier to change) bits and pieces of the invoice design are spread
across the code. If we make our design first, then we just need to copy bits of the
design, and paste them into the code.
New Design Layout
The following design incorporates the changes Doug wanted.
Doug likes the new design, so we will keep it. Let's take a quick look at the code used
to create the invoice, and then we will look at moving the design into the module's
code to generate invoices that look like this.
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