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Adding the New Design to Drupal
<p class="addressp textl"><strong>Delivery Method:</strong>
<p class="addressp textl"><strong>Payment Information:</strong>
<p class="addressp">contact email: $txn->email</p>
Unfortunately this does not look exactly like the invoice design we made as a
separate HTML file; let's take a look at the end result first, then have a look at why
there are some slight changes.
The main differences here are:
The table of items
Format of the delivery address
Format of the billing address
These particular pieces of data are formatted by various functions within the
e-Commerce module's theme system, the items within the transaction are
automatically built into the table; however, its general appearance is still improved.
The billing and delivery addresses are also formatted to include line breaks after
each section of the address. It is possible to change this, but it involves digging
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