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Creating an Invoice
When creating an invoice we go through a number of screens before the invoice is
created; the order of these screens can be configured here. The Invoice Terms define
the maximum available time period until payment is due for a particular invoice.
The PHP documentation link and the GNU manual link contain details on the format
in which the invoice terms can be in.
Creating an Invoice
To create an invoice, we must first select a user (either from the user management
area, or from a member's profile link); unfortunately there is no quick link to creating
an invoice elsewhere.
If we go to the users list and then select a user from the list, on this page there is the
create invoice link.
The next stage is to select the billing address where the invoice would be posted; we
can select an address from the addresses stored for that user, or we can add a new
address by clicking on add a new address link. Once we have selected an address,
we click the Continue button to move on to the next stage.
The next stage is to add products to the invoice; we can do this in two ways: either
enter the ID of the product (a handy pop-up window listing product names and IDs
can be found by clicking on the list of all products link) or by entering the name
of the product and selecting the ID from the list. If we enter the name of a product,
the web page looks up all products starting with that word or those letters and lists
them, so we can select the one we want. When we select the one we want it adds the
ID number into the Product Ids field.
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