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The installation method we are going to use is the web-based automated
installer, that requires at least PHP 5, Drupal 5, and MySQL 4 with
InnoDB support. If you are not sure that your web hosting has the correct
versions, contact your web host.
We need to extract our newly downloaded CiviCRM archive, and upload this to our
Drupal website. The extracted folder civicrm needs to be uploaded to the sites/
all/modules folder on our site. CiviCRM is a large application, at about 30MB once
extracted, so it may take a little while to upload. A quicker way to upload would
be to upload the ZIP file, and extract it using a command-line interface, if available;
more information on that is available on the CiviCRM website.
If your store utilizes page caching, an additional step is needed to prevent
CiviCRM pages being cached; see
al for more information.
Once uploaded, we need to go to the automated installer, which is located at
install/index.php . The installer tells us there is an error, informing us that Your
database settings don't appear to be correct. Please check the Database Details
below for specific errors . This is because we have not told CiviCRM our database
connection details.
Once we have entered the connection details we need to click the Re-check
requirements button.
Once that has been checked we can click the Install CiviCRM button to install
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