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Using CiviCRM
The first thing we need to do is Synchronize Users to Contacts ; this is because
contacts in CiviCRM are not the same as users in Drupal, but obviously if Doug
wants to use customers from his store in CiviCRM then we will need to perform this
synchronization routine, and perform it regularly too.
When we click on this link a pop-up will ask us to confirm the task, so we need to
click OK.
A confirmation message confirms that the users have been converted to contacts
in CiviCRM.
Using CiviCRM
CiviCRM is a large system, and would need a book of its own to explain how to use
all of its features. We will just have a look at some of its features here. Doug's main
use for CiviCRM is to log and schedule meetings and calls with some of his more
corporate clients, as well as log incoming technical support calls. This way he can
look up a customer and see all phone calls made and received relating to
that customer.
If we click the Find Contacts link on CiviCRM's Menu we can then search for
contacts within the system; once we find a customer we can schedule and log
meetings, and calls with them.
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