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Chapter 12: Marketing Your Business
Marketing Your Business
We have our store up and running, but there isn't any point in having an online store
without customers. Marketing our business and store is the key to generating new
business so let's have a look at it. However, even some simple site-based features and
enhancements can improve our businesses marketing so we will also have a look
at that.
In this chapter you will learn about:
Advertising programs
Advertising on websites and newsletters
Things to watch out for when advertising on other sites, or accepting adverts
on your website
Viral marketing
Using newsletters to market your business
How to improve traffic with SEO
The Basics
When it comes to marketing a business there are loads of different methods and
advertising mediums; the Internet provides many of them such as websites, blogs,
newsletters, and emails. By promoting our business and website on the Web we
can hope to drive more visitors and more traffic to our website, and thus increase
our sales.
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