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Update your Corporate Stationary
One thing that a lot of existing businesses that set up a new website forget
to do is promote their website on their company's stationary. Update
your business cards, letterheads, invoices, and promotional material with
your web address. By doing this your existing customers, suppliers, and
those receiving your correspondence will know about your website! I
know from experience a number of clients who have commissioned a new
website, requested no Internet marketing and not updated their stationary
and wondered why no one was going to their website. The reason was
that nobody, not even their existing customers and some of their staff
knew it was there!
There are many different advertising programmes available on the Internet ranging
from simply purchasing some advertising space on a website, to using professional
advertising networks and search engines.
Buying Advert Space
Some websites offer to sell advertising space on their site, and in some cases this can
be a great way to generate new traffic and business. Things to bear in mind while
considering buying an advertising space on a website are:
Does the website compete: If the website you are advertising on is a
competitor then it isn't a good idea to place an advert there!
Is it relevant: It wouldn't make sense for Doug to advertise on a florist's
website, but it makes sense to advertise on websites aimed for kids, or
toy-related websites.
What their statistics are like: There is no point in advertising on a website
that nobody visits, so always ask for information on their statistics. One
common pitfall here is hits versus visits. Some websites selling space may
just try quoting large figures at you, typically X thousand hits per day. A hit
is a single file request so if you load a webpage with 10 images that's 11 hits
that website has just had. A visit is someone visiting the website and loading
a number of pages and files, then going on elsewhere; that counts as a
single visit.
Are they reputable: Try to make sure the website is reputable; if it operates
bad practices some will see an advert as a sign of affiliation or endorsement,
which wouldn't look good!
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