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Professional Advertising Networks (PPC)
Professional Advertising Networks (PPC)
Some companies, particularly search engines, operate PPC advertising networks;
this stands for Pay per click. Let's have a brief look at how PPC advertising generally
works. First we sign up with the network, and submit information about the
website, the business, and billing information. Then we select keywords that we
want to target. These are keywords that someone may type into a search engine; the
advert would then be displayed down the side. Alternatively some website owners
monetize their website by displaying adverts from PPC advertising networks so
if their website contains related keywords, the advert might be displayed in their
advertisement box. Then we would enter how much we would pay, at most for each
click on an advert to our website relating to that keyword. The higher the cost the
more likely it would be displayed, and more prominently it would be displayed.
We may also set up a limit, or a monthly limit, so that once our bill for that month
reaches $50 the advertising campaign stops for that month. We would then be
charged for each time someone clicks on one of our adverts; the cost would be up to
the maximum amount we selected for the keyword, depending on the search itself,
and the position relative to other advertisers.
One potential issue with these schemes is fraudulent clicks, where
someone repeatedly clicks an advert in order to generate money for the
site displaying the advert. Networks have technologies in place to detect
this, with severe penalties, so it's worth checking which networks do and
don't penalize; after all we wouldn't want to pick a network that leaves us
vulnerable to wasting our marketing budget!
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