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Product Search
Product Search
Some websites and search engines allow you to search specifically for products as
opposed to other information; an example of this is Google's Product Search, which
searches specifically for products. With this it is possible either to submit a single
product to the search engine, or to create a data feed (such as an RSS feed for our
store) that automatically updates with new products, which allows the search engine
to automatically update its own listings. More information can be found on
Google's Information for Sellers page:
sellongoogle.html .
Business directories can often be a good way to advertise a website; they are
normally designed with SEO in mind so they are often found when looking for
one particular business or type of business. There are generally a few types to be
aware of:
Automatic directories: There are a number of automatic directories that crawl
the Web similar to search engines and "scrape" business information to create
listings; others rely on staff to perform the search and enter businesses. These
can be fairly good, but it's important to look for any existing entries on the
business and edit them to make sure the information is up to date.
Free directories: There are also quite a few free directories relating to specific
industries or geographical areas.
Paid directories: There are paid directories too, sometimes combined with
the free directories, where you pay to get extra information. Be careful with
these, as there can be a number of disreputable directories trying to scam
businesses for money. The Yellow Pages (in the UK and US) have free basic
listings on their website, but you must pay to display more information,
categories, and a web address. In some cases this can be well worth it; try
contacting such directories to discuss free trials, promotions, or cancellation
periods to give it a try. Don't sign up for a long commitment, try it, see
how well it improves the business, and then consider committing for a
longer term.
There are two sides to newsletter marketing; advertising in a newsletter, and creating
a newsletter. We will look at creating a newsletter later on in this chapter; first let's
look at advertising in newsletters.
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