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Things to Watch Out For when Buying or Selling Adverts
Essentially the same rules apply that did when looking for websites to advertise on.
It is of course more difficult to find newsletters to advertise in; however, there are
some websites dedicated to connecting newsletters with potential advertisers, such
as Carsoniied's Amigo: . This website allows us to create an
advert, and manage its cost and budget, through its own PPC system.
Things to Watch Out For when Buying or
Selling Adverts
Buying or selling advertising space to either advertise your website or make some
additional money is often quite a good thing to do; however, in certain circumstances
it can do a lot of harm.
Search Engine Penalization
Most search engines use a number of different metrics to determine where a website
is positioned in a list of search results. Some search engines, such as Google have a
metric (Google's is called Page Rank and factors in other things too) that is based on
in-bound links, where a website link from one site to another acts as a vote.
Some websites and businesses use this to their advantage, and offer to pay for
advertising space on other websites (normally ones that have a high ranking). This
way of both the buying and selling of advertising is not something that many search
engines like, and Google even has an online tool to report websites that do this,
which will result in their rankings being penalized.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying and selling advertising space, and in
fact one of Google's core businesses revolves around advertising space. The solution
is to alter how the link is structured.
A traditional link is structured as follows:
<a href=''>PacktPub</a>
If this was a paid advert on our site (or if we were buying the advert space on a site)
we should structure the link like so:
<a href='' rel='nofollow'>PacktPub</a>
The 'nofollow' attribute signals to search engines that we don't wish for the link to
count as a vote towards that website's rankings, and so if this was an advert, we
would not be penalized by search engines for buying or selling it on a website.
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