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Social Network Marketing
It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with providing links to
other websites without the rel='nofollow' attribute. The penalization
really only comes from adverts that are bought or sold and don't contain
this, as it is classed as a trick to fool the rankings.
Things to keep in mind:
Only purchase adverts, or buy adverts from reputable websites.
Always use rel='nofollow' for adverts you are displaying on your website
that you are paid to display, and for adverts you have on
other websites.
Beware of emails offering to pay to put adverts on your website; they
probably don't have the rel='nofollow' attribute.
Don't risk your search engine rankings!
Social Network Marketing
Most social networking websites available have provisions for user information and
profile data, including website addresses. We can add our URL to MySpace profiles,
Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, and so on, to try to provide that extra promotion
to our site.
Facebook has a new addition to its website that allows business to create their own
profile page, advertising the business, its contact details, opening hours, as well
as hosting a discussion forum, photo gallery, and other features. We can of course
create a profile for our business and share the profile among our friends. Users of
Facebook can also become fans of businesses, promoting the businesses among their
own friends too.
Viral Marketing
Viral marketing is a relatively new marketing concept, which revolves around
utilizing social networks. One particular example of viral marketing is utilizing
video sharing websites such as YouTube and promoting videos there that advertise
the business or its products. This technique (at least in that particular example)
is probably more suited to large businesses with large marketing budgets who
are trying to promote a brand. Information on using YouTube in particular was
recently posted on a technology blog called TechCrunch, http://www.techcrunch.
com/2007/11/22/the-secret-strategies-behind-many-viral-videos/ .
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