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Newsletter Marketing
Newsletter Marketing
Earlier we had a brief look at advertising within a newsletter; the other side to
newsletters is of course creating one of our own to promote the business to existing
customers and other interested subscribers.
There are a couple of aspects to setting up a newsletter:
Subscriber lists
The newsletter itself
Subscriber Lists
There are a few options for keeping and maintaining a list of subscribers to
a newsletter:
Drupal module
Server-based solution
Hosted solution
There is a Drupal module available for mailing list management, which allows us
to embed a subscribe form on the website to request email addresses of interested
visitors to sign up to the mailing list. Unfortunately the module does not handle
creating the newsletters, it only distributes them to a list. There are some other
server-based software solutions that can be used, including mailman and phplist.
The final option is a hosted solution, where a third-party company manages the
mailing list on our behalf, such as SafeSubscribe or Constant Contact. Hosted
solutions like this provide extra security to those joining the list with regards to
spam and privacy.
The Newsletter
With regards to the newsletter itself, this depends very much on the nature of the
business, and the intentions of the newsletter. Some general tips for newsletters and
their content:
Don't send newsletters too often, otherwise subscribers will get sick
and unsubscribe.
Address each subscriber by their name, wherever possible.
Keep them fresh; don't repeat the same content from previous newsletters.
Only send a new newsletter when there is new and fresh content available.
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