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Improve Traffic with Search Engine Optimization
If the newsletter is in HTML format, make sure there is a text version too that
can be read, not all users have HTML enabled on their emails or include a
link to the newsletter on a webpage; this way if there is a problem with the
email they can click the link and read it online.
Don't attach files; link to them, this also saves cluttering up inboxes!
Add something unrelated to some newsletters. I've seen some that I actually
enjoy receiving; these contain something quirky and unrelated at the bottom,
such as websites the author found interesting this month, and it also shows a
personal touch.
Always ensure there are unsubscribing instructions in the newsletter.
Appeal to both customers and potential customers with public newsletters
(obviously just appeal to customers if it is a customer-only newsletter).
Improve Traffic with Search Engine
SEO can be a real traffic booster, as it makes our site more visible to search engines,
easier for them to read, and makes our site seem more important and more relevant.
There are two main aspects to SEO; on-site and off-site SEO.
On-Site SEO
On-site SEO relates to making optimizations on the website itself. This improves
visibility and readability for search engines.
Meta tags are tags stored in the head section of an HTML document, typically
for information such as keywords, description, and author of the website. This is
not regarded very highly by search engines anymore, but it is still worth doing,
particularly if different pages and sections have different metadata.
Google has released some webmaster tools, one of which allows us to create a list of
the pages within our site, rank them in importance, and specify the frequency that
those sections will be updated. This is then saved as an XML file and stored on the
website; Google can then read it and see which content it should check regularly and
which content it should check rarely; this helps keep the website more relevant to
search engines.
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