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WampServer Overview
WampServer will then install on our computer.
Once the installation has completed we are asked to confirm our primary web
browser; by default it has selected Internet Explorer. If we are happy with that we
should click Open , otherwiseweshouldbrowseforanalternativebrowserirst.
otherwise we should browse for an alternative browser first.
Next the installation will ask for details on PHP mail; on most installations we won't
be able to send mail from PHP scripts as we have no mail server installed so just
click Next .
We now have WampServer installed; if we click Finish WampServer will start.
Apache not starting?
If WampServer has not started, the icon in the system tray will be red
or orange; this is likely because something else might be utilizing the
computer's port. Apache runs on port 80 programs such as Skype
also do this, so you may need to close other applications before trying
to start WampServer.
WampServer Overview
When WampServer is running it is displayed in our computer's system tray
alongside the clock. Clicking the icon displays a menu where we can configure our
server, and start or stop various services.
Putting the server online would allow web pages on our computer to be accessible
to other computers on our network, and potentially via the Internet. We can quickly
start, stop, and restart the services, configure each of them, quickly open the folder
containing our website's files, and quickly open our website or database manager in
a web browser.
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