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Downloading Drupal
Here we need to enter our Database name , username , and our Database password ,
so Drupal can connect to the database and install the default data. The two database
types we have are mysql and mysqli . mysqli is an improved mysql driver (hence
the i) but is not available on all installations; if you are in doubt, just choose mysql .
Once we have entered that information, we can click the Save configuration button.
If all goes well, we should now see a screen saying Drupal installation is complete;
if not we will be taken back to the page shown above and informed of what
information was incorrect so we can adjust it.
If we now proceed back to our main Drupal directory, http://localhost/
drupal-5.7/ , we can see that Drupal has indeed been installed and we are asked to
create the first account , which will be given full administrator privileges.
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