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Clean URLs
Clean URLs
The mod_rewrite Apache module can allow us to enable clean URLs within Drupal;
this would change links from things like
to something that looks more presentable to the end user, such as http://www. . It provides no additional features or functions, but it does
make things easier for the user, allowing them to remember URLs more easily.
Let's click the Clean URLs link and enable the feature. If you don't have the
mod_rewrite module installed, the handbook page on Clean URLs link provides
more information on setting this up.
Within this page we only have the option to enable or disable the feature, but there
are a couple of useful links in there too.
The first link leads to some more technical details on the Clean URLs feature and
the second is a test to see if the feature can be enabled on our installation. Provided
we are running an Apache web server, and have the mod_rewrite module enabled
(if you followed Appendix A, that is the case) the feature should work, so let's click
the test link. If all goes well, we should be sent back to the same page, but without
the links at the bottom. Doug doesn't like websites with "un-clean" URLs and wants
them to be clean. To enable this feature, we just need to click the Enabled option and
then click the Save configuration button.
Date and Time
The Date and time settings allow us to set the default time zone. We will have to
enable it if we want users to be able to set their own time zones and the format in
which dates will be shown on our site.
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