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Error Reporting
With these changes made, we just click Save configuration to apply the changes.
For future reference, we may wish to install the auto time zone module at
some point, to automatically adjust time zones with the user's time zone.
Error Reporting
The Error reporting settings are for two main purposes:
Which pages to display if a page does not exist or the user is not permitted
access to the page
How to handle technical (Drupal, PHP and MySQL) error messages
The error page settings are shown:
If a user is not authorized to view a page, or a page does not exist, then these default
pages will be shown to the user instead of the pages that they cannot access. As we
don't have any content in our site, we also don't have any pages to use as error pages
so we will leave these settings and return to them in Chapter 2— Getting Started
with Drupal .
The error reporting settings, however, deal with how Drupal should act if it
encounters an internal error, such as a missing file, a PHP error, or a MySQL error.
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