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File System
Right now, as we are working in a development environment, we want to be
informed of all errors so we can ix them. However, when we put our site online,
we will have to come back to these settings as we don't really want to present our
customers with technical jargon and details.
We will cover these again in Chapter 10— Securing, Deploying, and Maintaining
Your Shop.
File System
The File system settings below determine where uploaded files will be stored and
how files are downloaded. When we first open this setting, there is a message in a
green box informing us that The directory files has been created sic ]. This is because [
the folder was not created on installation, and the file system page detected that the
folder did not exist, so it created it for us.
It isn't advisable to move the file system path later when we have a live site running
from our installation, so if we do wish to move it, now is the time. The Temporary
directory is a folder used by the web server to temporarily store files that are used
or generated during the running of the website, for instance when users upload files
they go to the temporary folder before being moved to the appropriate place. We
don't need to change this setting as it should auto-detect the correct setting for us.
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