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Image Toolkit
The download methods allow files to be more secure. If we have files in our website
that we only want registered users to see, we can restrict access to them. If an
authorised user requests access, Drupal grabs the file and moves it to a temporary
location for the user to download. Doug's site will only have images or resource
papers to download, and these will be visible to anyone, so we don't need to change
that either.
Image Toolkit
The Image toolkit allows us to control the quality of images that are generated on
the fly. One of the most common methods for image generation is GD2, which we
should have installed on our development environment. Drupal detects the available
image toolkit and provides us with the option to change the quality of the images.
Doug wants the highest quality possible of images and photographs, so let's ensure
that's set to 100% for him.
Imagemagick library
There is the option to use the imagemagick library (although this may
require additional configurations on the server), this is faster than GD and
can handle images better. The image . imagick . inc file within the image
module folder contains more information and settings for this.
Input Formats
When we enter content into Drupal the default setting is to process the input as if it
is HTML, so if we later created a page with content like:
This <strong>massive</strong> offer is only available for a short
while <a href="order">Order <strong>NOW!</strong></a>
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