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Drupal would process the HTML from the input so the words massive and now were
bold, and the words order now were a link to the order page. The Input formats
section allows us to control who can enter input in different formats.
The options available are:
Filtered HTML
PHP code
With Filtered HTML only certain bits of HTML are processed, with PHP code
any PHP code added will be processed and with Full HTML the HTML will be
processed as is, with no filtering of potentially malicious entities.
Generally users should not have access to PHP code as it is very dangerous. Only a
select few administrators should be given the option to use this. To allow other users
to do this, we need to configure roles within Drupal, which indicate which users can
do what. We will discuss these roles in detail in Chapter 2— Getting Started
with Drupal .
The Performance settings allow us to optimize the performance of our Drupal
installation, which is particularly useful when we have lots of visitors to our website.
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