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Site Maintenance
We will call the site Doug's Dinos! Add Doug's email address as the contact email
address, and add Doug's cheesy slogan to the settings.
The website mission is just for the purpose of the website, and the footer message is
something appended to the bottom of this page, I've added a copyright notice, so all
of Doug's customers realize the website is copyrighted material.
The Anonymous user is the user name used to indicate anonymous users and finally
there is the Default front page, which tells Drupal which page in our site should be
classed as the front page. We will leave this as it is for now, and once we have some
content on our site, we shall return to it in Chapter 2— Getting Started with Drupal .
Site Maintenance
The final section of settings is Site maintenance , which contains an option to turn
our website ofline and display a message to the user.
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