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Installing the Modules
We also need another module, called the Token module. The e-Commerce
module depends upon this module, so let's download that from its project page We want the version for Drupal 5.x, which
is version 1.8 (or newer; version 1.9 has subsequently been released) of the
token module.
The purpose of the token module is to provide an API (Application Programming
Interface—the ability for programmers to easily link their code into the software) for
text substitution and replacement within Drupal.
Installing the Modules
We need to open the module files we have just downloaded and unzip their
contents into the modules folder within our Drupal installation, C:\wamp\www\
drupal-5.7\sites\default\modules , so that we now have two folders within our
modules folder. The modules folder may need to be created as it is not there
modules folder may need to be created as it is not there
by default.
Now that the module files are in the correct location, we can go and enable the
modules in the Drupal administration section. This section is under Site building
and then Modules from the Administer menu.
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