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Installing the Modules
The modules page contains a very long list of module components contained within
categories; the new modules' categories that should be listed are:
E-Commerce core
E-Commerce customer interface
E-Commerce payment methods
E-Commerce product types
E-Commerce uncategorized
The Token module is listed under Other , and as the Store module under
E-Commerce Core depends on it, let's enable the module by ticking the check box
and clicking the Save configuration button at the bottom of the page.
The only other module that we should install for any e-commerce functionality is the
Store module under E-Commerce Core ; all of the other modules are required for a
fully functioning store; however, we will look at these individually later, along with
the functionality they provide and modules for which they are required.
If we then click on Save configuration we will have our store module installed along
with a few other modules that it installs for us at the same time.
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