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Chapter 2: Getting Started with Drupal
Getting Started with Drupal
Drupal has a wealth of features available for managing content, so now that we
have installed Drupal, let's take a look at some of these features and how they work.
Drupal's features could ill a separate book in their own right and in fact they
do— Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals, and Community Websites by David Mercer,
ISBN 978-1-904811-80-0 published by Packt Publishing,
drupal/book . Since this topic primarily focuses on the e-commerce features, we will
quickly look through these features in this chapter; if you want more information
check out the other Drupal book from Packt. If you remember from Chapter 1, Doug
wants his website to be twofold:
An online store of products
A wealth of information on Dinosaurs
In this chapter, we will focus on the information side of Doug's website and also his
business. Most of the content will be added using the built-in features of Drupal;
however, Doug wants a few extra content-focused features such as a contact form
and a blog, so we will create those too.
Preparing the Content
Before we can start adding content to the site, we need to know what Doug wants on
his site, and then we can think about how to best implement the content into the site:
A home page
A contact page
A dinosaurs section
Containing sub-pages on individual dinosaurs
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